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  First plates

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  Cakies  and Verdure  
  - Here the appetizers good appetite -   

  It knows colda (cordula)

In order to make the cordula the thiesina it must clean up well the interiora being attention not to break  
the budella, in order to make a good rope it is necessary stomach, rennet and intestines. After to have hanging these
to a hook the budella tied interiora and interlacing them like if they were of the salami. after that  
it is braced in live coals and when it is rosolata it will be ready in order to eat.

  It knows frissura (coratella)

The ingredients that are necessary in order to make a good appetizer are coratella of sheep, onions, oil extravergine of olive, vinegar, pepper and know them.
Cut to pieces the coratella. Tritate a onion to slices and makes it you to rosolare with the oil in a pot, fact this adds to the onion the coratella and soffriggette for approximately 10 minuti.Condite with it knows them and pepper and garlic, after some minute you add of new oil and vinegar after five tiny ones you use it warm in table.

  It knows sastizza (sausage)

In order to eat a good sausage it must cut of the mixed meat with pezzetti of lardo and mischiarla with pepper (2 g for every chilo) of knows them (27 g for every chilo), garlic, budella.
Worked well meat and after to have cut well it, and to have washed the budella, when it has arrived the moment of the preparation of the meat, crushed the garlic segments and meterli in a recipiete with water to fresca.Condire the meat cut with it knows them, pepper, nail of garofano and a goccio of water of aglio.Lasciare to rest therefore to fill up the budella, for the drying appendetele in a ventilated premises.


To cut the meat dadini and flavoring it with knows them, pepper, trito of garlic and prezzemolo.
To stir well and to add the tomato concentrated one, to distribute the meat on discs  
of it leaf through, to guarnire with one slice of lardo and three olives, to enclose with an other floppy disk  
rolling up the edges.



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